Arizona Film & Digital Media Coalition

Our Mission

The Arizona Film and Digital Media Coalition, Inc. Is established to organize film, television, commercial, studio, casting, production, and similar entertainment industry professionals to attract, encourage and promote Media (motion picture, theater, television, and digital) production in Arizona and coordinate and integrate those efforts and programs with all appropriate State and local governmental agencies, and to work closely with such agencies to enhance the economic vitality of the Arizona film and media communities through education, legislation, and public relations.


“Tucson temperatures are dropping which means film gatherings are ramping up. Here’s a quick list of some thrilling public events on the horizon.” Film Tucson Via @FilmTucson

Invest in Arizona

“The goal of the tax credit program is to create long-term economic benefits to the state.” By Bella Hibbs

“It’ll be good to put Arizona on the map again,” said state Rep. Mitzi Epstein, D-Tempe.


The Arizona Film & Digital Media Coalition thrives to enhance the economic vitality of the Arizona film & digital media communities. Randy Murray Productions,

Salt River Canyon

No Code of Conduct

The Magnificent 7


Filmmaking is about moments.

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