Meet Your AFMC Board: Judy Moore

This is the third of a series of articles by and with members of the board of the Arizona Film & Media Coalition (AFMC). We hope this series will help you learn about the things we do. If you like what you read, please consider joining our cause:

In today’s AFMC board member bio, we’ll be highlighting Judy Moore. Judy plies her trade as an Assistant Director (AD) and is a member of the Directors Guild (DGA).

What is the role of the AFMC, from the perspective of your industry area?

MOORE: I see the AFMC as an advocate for legislation that helps grow the film, television and digital media industry in Arizona.

What is your primary role on the Arizona Film and Media Coalition board?

MOORE: I represent the Arizona Production Association (APA).

(Note: The APA has two representatives. The other is Mike Kucharo.)

What is the most pressing concern to you within the film and media industry?

MOORE: The loss of production jobs coming to Arizona due to a lack of any tax credits or incentives for film and digital media. Other states now get these jobs.

How would you like the AFMC, the community and/or the State of AZ to address that concern?

MOORE: With a campaign raising awareness with legislators of the value of our industry to the state and the many jobs and benefits it provides to Arizona residents and business owners.  We cannot continue to allow legislators to ignore our industry and the large amounts of revenue it can pump into state coffers. Also, the state film office must receive permanent funding.  We cannot go for years without a state film office ever again.

What steps is the AFMC currently taking to address this concern? If none, are there plans to?

MOORE: The AFMC is currently meeting with legislators to determine who is supportive of the film and digital media industry in Arizona and who is not.  Legislators are being made aware that many Arizona businesses depend on our industry thriving. We are not just an industry that creates temporary freelance jobs, but one that encompasses a wide variety of businesses with many full-time, highly skilled employees.

What message, if any, would you like to send to the readers of this blog?

MOORE: Please engage in the political process at all levels.  Help keep awareness of our industry high among state legislators.  Support those candidates who support the film and digital media industry in Arizona and let those who don’t know why you will not be voting for them.

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