Meet Your AFMC Board: Stephen Wade Nebgen

This is the fourth of a series of articles by and with members of the board of the Arizona Film & Media Coalition (AFMC). We hope this series will help you learn about the things we do. If you like what you read, please consider joining our cause:

In today’s AFMC board member bio, we’ll be highlighting Stephen Wade Nebgen. Stephen is an Entertainment Law Attorney and Producer, and currently serves on the Executive Board as Secretary of AFMC.

What is the role of the AFMC, from the perspective of your industry area?

NEBGEN: The AFMC’s role is to work with state leaders to create a new film and media industry jobs bill that will make Arizona the leader in film, TV and new media development.

What is your primary role on the Arizona Film and Media Coalition board?

NEBGEN: I am Secretary of the Board and a member of the Legislation Committee.

What is the most pressing concern to you within the film and media industry?

NEBGEN: To get entertainment-oriented companies to bring their productions to Arizona.

How would you like the AFMC, the community and/or the State of AZ to address that concern?

NEBGEN: With legislation that helps to level the playing field so that Arizona can compete with other states who offer various incentive programs.

What steps is the AFMC currently taking to address this concern? If none, are there plans to?

NEBGEN: We are actively exploring legislative relationships and drafting legislation to help the film and media industry.

What message, if any, would you like to send to the readers of this blog?

NEBGEN: The film and media industry brings multiple benefits to Arizona: among  others — jobs; promotion for tourism; and tax revenue. Even if you are not in the industry please support the initiative to revive this exciting industry.

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