Blog For Us

There’s no shortage of information and opinion about the Arizona film and media industry. There is, however, a dearth of talented writers who can articulate to the masses. Are you one of those talented few? If so, please consider writing a blog entry for inclusion at this website.

Blog submissions that pass the scrutiny of our Communications Team will be referenced via our Facebook page, which currently has over 3,800 likes, and our Twitter page, which has over 2,000 followers.  That’s pretty decent coverage for you, especially if you include links to your own website in the blog (yes, that’s allowed!).

All we ask is that your blog is topical, relevant, accurate, and supportive of our collective efforts to revitalize Arizona’s film and media industry. Please send your blog submission to the Communications Team (← yes, click THERE!).

AFMC Board of Directors members who wish to write their blogs directly onto the website will need a WordPress login. Please send your request to to the Communications Team (← yes, click THERE!). Include your full name and your preferred email address. Your user account information will be created and emailed to you.