We Need Your Help With Something That Affects You

To all Friends of Film & Media in Arizona, we need your HELP with something that affects you, your family and your very livelihood!

The State of Arizona finally has a new State Film Office! The Arizona Office of Film and Media will work to showcase the state as a premium destination for entertainment industry productions.

But let’s not just sit back and wait for the work to roll in. We all need to take an active roll in promoting our State and in making our services the best value around. Part of that effort includes ensuring that our industry is well-represented at the legislative level and is afforded the same considerations as other industries that contribute to the economy of Arizona.

While the Arizona Film & Media Coalition works on the best strategies for our member organizations to move forward on these issues, we ask that you continue to support the cause by ensuring that you stay connected with us via social media, so that you can receive the latest updates as they happen. Here are three things you can do:

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Arizona is known as a business-friendly state and the film business is one of the most attractive industries a state can target. Please help us support and grow the Arizona Office of Film and Media.

The Arizona Film & Media Coalition (AFMC) will continue its focus on building a bigger and better film and media industry in the State of Arizona. As always, we appreciate donations of any amount to help defray the costs of our efforts. All AFMC board members are volunteers who work in the film and media industry.


Thank You so Much For Your Support!

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We want to see the return of the industry back to Arizona. Join AFMC today!